Wednesday, July 13, 2005

trilingualism, perhaps not at its best

I just had the coolest trilingual experience ever! The fact that it was trilingual is in itself enough to make it cool, but it was much better than that!
So, I was walking up the stairs at the study center, when I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the security guard who's always just sitting there doing his job, was reading something that looked an awful lot like the Bible, though I did only get a quick glance. So, when I decided to go back downstairs a minute later to heat up my lunch, I looked again. Sure enough! I was SO excited at the possibilty of his being a Christain! (It's amazing how important that fact becomes when you're surrounded with non-Christians instead of being situated right in the buckle of the Bible belt. It should be important all the time, but that's a whole 'nother post...) So, I built up the courage to attempt to talk to him, knowing that he probably didn't speak English, and on my way back up, I stopped and asked in faltering Czech, "You are a Christian?" He didn't understand at first, but then I said it again in Czech and in English, and he got the idea and told me the very exciting news: yes! About all I could say to that was, "Great! Me too!" That's about as far as my Czech can take me. But as the conversation started to break up, he communicated that he speaks some German, so that got us started again, at least trying to communicate. Through a process which included a Czech-English dictionary, a markerboard, some maps, a little yellow information card that the church has printed up and that I always keep a couple copies of for occasions such as this, and lots of smiling and laughing at our inability to communicate, I gathered that, yes, he is a Christian and that he's definitely interested in coming to worship services with the church here in Prague. He has to work tonight, so he won't be able to come then, but maybe Sunday! Sunday would be great! What an awesome thing that would be for my last Sunday here in Prague! (If you can't tell, I'm just a little excited.) I realized at the end of our "conversation" that I'd never introduced myself or gotten his name, so I made sure to do that. Pavel. Please, please, please, be praying for Pavel! All I know about him so far is that his name is Pavel, he is from Moravia, he works as a security guard, and he is a Christian. Not much knowledge to impart to those of you who'll be praying. But God knows him, and that's all that matters. Pray that I will be given more opportunities to talk with him, though it may be difficult communication. (I so wish I knew Czech! I will learn it!) Pray that he'll be able to come meet with the church and be encouraged by that and will become a part of the fellowship of God's people here in Prague. And pray that Satan will be stopped as he will be trying his hardest to hold Pavel back. Okay, gotta go to class! As Chelsea would say, yay God!


mitch said...

Vyborne, Lauro! What an encouraging encounter. You and Pavel and definitely in my prayers. God bless your last few days in beautiful Praha!

Mark said...

Wow Laura! Your excitement is contagious! Regardless of your present Czech language troubles, you and Pavel were able to communicate your faith in Christ, and that is amazing.