Friday, July 8, 2005

helpful hints from God

It's really cool how God has used a small thing as a reminder to me that all of us humans are His creations, loved and sought out by Him...
Here at my study abroad program, I can sometimes have a difficult time loving the people I'm surrounded by. They just don't seem to want to make themselves loveable!!! God, though, is very innovative in His ways of reminding me and helping me to love them. I can look at Brittany and be reminded of Ashley Johnson, I can see such a small thing like Victoria's curly hair and think of Bernadette, or I will notice how much Jake looks like Jared Lace and Adrian looks like John Schellhase. It's crazy! God has put me around people who remind me of friends back home in their looks, in their actions, and in their mannerisms. And that makes it easier to love them. I am reminded of how God loves all people by being reminded of how much I love my Christian (and non-Christian) friends at home. And seeing a tiny glimpse of the people I do love in the people that I'm trying to love, well, that's just one new way that God's helping me to be able to love.

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mitch said...

I have just caught up on reading your recent posts, and I must say I'm very encouraged. Keep keeping your eyes open to opportunities to show your classmates and teachers the love of God.