Monday, August 29, 2005


Our Lord is amazing! It is wonderful to see Him working in this world! Sunday morning at church it was a privilege to see two added to the Kingdom as new children of God. It was amazing to see months of prayers being answered when a dear friend asked for the support of the church as he desires to leave his struggles with sin behind and refocus his life on God. It was awesome over the past week to hear how God has been using one friend to reach out to another friend, speaking of the power of God to change her life and discussing the possibility of baptism into Christ, leading to the rebirth of another soul into the family of God just a few hours ago.

It is exciting and humbling to see how God has been so powerfully at work in the RFCs in just the past week since school started, bringing all these things to pass and much, much more! Prayer groups, Bible studies, an amazing group of freshmen and transfer students, a devo so full that we ran out of food and places to sit, new friends to reach out to, passion for and dedication to the Lord and His work on this campus, times of open and honest confession of weaknesses and needs, challenges to break away from the status quo and to live truly Christlike lives... I could go on and on.

I am thankful for the opportunities God has provided for change and growth, for renewal and revival, for service and love. I am thankful for the many prayers He has answered already, and I look forward to much more of the same as He continues to work in us and through us. I pray that He will continue to mold me into the person He desires me to be so that I can be a more effective tool for His use, and I pray that as He shapes me, He will also provide me with patience and a better understanding of His love and purpose so that I will be more open to His workings in me. I pray that He will provide knowledge and wisdom for sharing the gospel of Christ with the world, and, more specifically, with people such as Will, Carrie, Paul, John Marc, Jamie, Catherine, and many, many others. I pray that He will remain the wonderful, awe-inspiring God that only He can be!


mitch said...

Wow, it's exciting to read about what God is doing in the RFCs. May he continue to bless you as you spread the aroma of Christ

Mark said...

Laura, your blog gives glory to God! It is a prime example of giving all to the glory of God. Thanks for your updates!