Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the Voice and the Vision

I've been working on this poem throughout the day today, and while it's probably not done, it seemed done enough to share with you all. As you'll see, the first stanza is from a prophet's point of view, while the rest of the poem is the word of God that the prophet has heard and is speaking to the people. Also, this is a relatively obscure reference, but the clause "I am the patron saint of lost causes" comes from the Anberlin song "Dismantle Repair" that I was listening to earlier this morning before all this starting coming together. Gotta give credit where credit is due. And though it's not at all on par with his poetry, when you're reading this, think of the kind of quick rhythm of David Bowden, whose website you should definitely check out. All that aside, whatever the merits of the end product, the process of writing has been incredibly enjoyable.

I am

the patron saint of an almost lost cause

the hopeless prophet…

of hope

hearing the words no one will speak

and speaking the words no one can hear,

words followed…

by tears


mercy and justice,

the goodness of God

forsaken, forgotten, untried, and ignored

ignored in your hearts

untried in your lives

you don’t know where to start

and you won’t —

you’re not mine

a law that can’t save you

a law you can’t keep

is the law you embrace

and the “life” that you seek

seek ME and live

yet you’re dying inside

decomposing within

and this death you can’t hide

you’re caught in your sin

disregarding your call

forgetting your God

and the voice of your Lord

plotting and praising

a life of your own

the things God’s abhorred

are the things you’ve adored

what is the point?

and how will you cope?

this “life” you can’t live and this “hope” you can’t hope

this is what you’ve embraced

and it’s who you’ve become

I see you, I ache and

I am


but what you’ve become

is not who you are

so come back to me, please —

please, I implore!

embrace who I AM

and let me provide

I know you can’t see it but

I’m on your side

in a world misaligned, so misled and confused

you’re starving for hope, for guidance, for food

but I am your bread and I am your wine

I give you myself

I give all that is mine

if only you’ll eat and if only you’ll drink

I’ll heal every wound

bring you back from the brink

I give you my hand and I give you my heart

take them and live and

make a new start!

mercy and justice

the goodness of God

consulted, accepted, extended, explored

this is the life that I have for you

live it and love it, and let it be true


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!!Praise God!

Anonymous said...

You are a sensitive and talented woman, LB. May your voice continue to ring for justice.

prayerbear said...

beautiful to sit and watch Him use your thoughts before they even crystallize to create words that resonate in the hearts of others, isn't it?

Paul said...

That's the first time I've ever been impressed by a poem.

Superb stuff, a great way to express his message.

Jordan Bunch said...

Beautifully said. Thanks Laura!