Thursday, January 28, 2010

thankful thursday

Thankful Thursday sounds like a good tradition to join in on, right? Here's today's list...

1. thunderstorms, even when they soak me through and through
2. a nice new friend who gave me a ride home in the rain so I wouldn't have to bike back
3. a dryer to dry my drenched jeans
4. my mentoring group
5. seeing Kaylynn, even if only for a few seconds
6. a day that's been relatively homework free, meaning, I only spent 2 hours on homework
7. a wonderful dinner tonight at the Childers' house
8. new friends I made at dinner
9. great dinner-table conversation, with lots of laughing
10. wonderful roommates!
11. a moving Holocaust remembrance chapel service yesterday
12. Pre-MAC retreat tomorrow & Saturday
13. Carol & Penny to ride with to the retreat
14. my hair on good days
15. the warm blanket that's covering me now
16. hot chocolate!
17. LOST coming back on soon!
18. good times with friends at lunch yesterday
19. REVIVAL at Hope
20. the really cute picture of Jakub, my nephew, that's my computer background - see:

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Naomi said...

Yay! Welcome to Thankful Thursday!