Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the gaze of God

For those of you who might wonder what in the world God is up to in your life...

"Perhaps the gaze of God is like the gaze of the artist on the completed painting. Each and every pigment is discrete, and no mark is laid down carelessly; yet this green would not be present in its particular greenness were it not for this blue laid down at some time next to it. Each brush stroke has been laid down, one by one; yet when the painting is complete, we apprehend it in a single vision. But the painting is not 'time-free'; rather, it is a condensed temporality. We gaze on it as on a complete and consummated whole bearing all the marks of its making. People might be like this under the attentive gaze of love."

- Janet Martin Soskice in The Kindness of God: Metaphor, Gender, and Religious Language

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laura said...

I LOVED this quote! and I loved how she talked about how by itself, a color can be quite ugly, but, skillfully placed in the middle of a painting, it can be the most beautiful detail. (...or it said something like this...I read it a year ago!) :)

I am SO happy you're reading that book!