Saturday, November 15, 2008

decision made

My last day at the bank should be December 19th. Not an easy decision to make or an easy decision to tell my boss about, but the one that needed to be made, I believe. Haven't told my co-workers yet. I'll do that Monday morning before they send out the email saying that "Laura Beall has decided to pursue other opportunities outside of the Bank of Fayetteville." Other opportunities being holidays with my family. And hopefully a job that is not quite as frustrating. So if you've got any ideas about a job, I'd appreciate those now. :) Thanks for your thoughts and support!

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Paul said...

Well done on making up your mind :D

For what it's worth I think you've made the right choice!

Jobs that you're not too keen on are ten a penny (as they say), but holidays with your family? Priceless.

Good luck in the new year - and good luck at Grad School! I'll be facebook'n you about this soon :D

Paul x